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C ++ development engineer

job requirements:
1. Familiar with STL, TCP / IP protocol, Socket network programming technology, multi-threaded programming technology;
2. Familiar with the underlying Windows or Linux system, process, thread, DLL technology;
3. Familiar with Windows or Linux hardware driver development priority;
4. Proficient in using VisualStudio development tools, grasp the object-oriented knowledge; have a good programming style and document writing ability;
5. Understand the Linux C / C + + developer priority;
6. Familiar with hardware product development experience is preferred.
1. Have a strong team spirit;
2. Strong sense of responsibility, active work, strong learning ability;
3. CET level four and above;
4. Have good communication skills, have a strong ability to analyze and solve problems
3. Have good psychological quality, able to withstand a certain amount of work pressure.
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