D6000D: 18pin serial impact dot matrix printer
Versatile and adaptable
Easy to use and simple to maintain

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Print method 18pin serial impact dot matrix
Print width 40CPL-40(7X7)/33(5X7)
Print speed Max.4.0L/s(40CPL Chinese character print one time)
Copy 1 original +1copy
Interface type Ethernet/USB+Serial/parallel
Paper type Continuous paperblack mark paper
Paper width 76±0.5mm
Paper thickness Normal paper 0.07-0.10 mm ;pressure sensitive,
each part thickness 0.05-0.08mm2 part total thickness0.14mm
3 part total thickness0.20mm
Paper outer diameter 83mm max
Cut paper method /
Print mechanism 9,000,000linesMCBF
Print head 100 million characters
Auto cutter  1,000,000times(standard test condition)
Character support ASCII/GB18030 Simplified Chinese/Traditional Chinese/Multinational character set
Ribbon specification Compatible with RC200
Input 110V-240V AC ,50/60Hz
Output DC24V/2A
Work environment Temperature 0-50°C,Humidity 10-80%
Storage environment Temperature -10-60°C,Humidity 10-90%
Driver Win2000/WinXP/Win Vista/Win7/Linux
Print command ESC/POS command compatible
Dimension 150×245×133mm(W×L×H
Weight About 1.7kg
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