DP512A: 76mm KOSIK printer
STAR512IIIA original print head
Black mark position function
High speed print to 4.1 lines/sec

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Print Printing Method 9 Pin Parallel Bidirectional Printing
Printing Speed 4.1 line/sec at 40CPL
Printing Density 42cpl-210(Full dot)/420(half dot)
40cpl-200(Full dot)/400(half dot)
Effective Printing Width 42cpl-42(7鈪?/span>7)/35(5鈪?/span>7)
Character IBM Character Set鈪?/span> 7x7 dotor 5 x7 dot
International StandardI銆?span lang="EN-US">II Class Chinese Font 2424dot3.00(width)3.00(height)mm
Paper Spec Paper Type Normal paper/Pressure-sensitive paper
Paper Width 76mm0.5mm
Paper Roll Diameter Max:80mm
Roll Core Inner Diameter 聽10mm(min.)
Paper Thickness Normal paper:1 sheet 0.06mm to 0.085 mm
Pressure-sensitive paper: 0.05 to 0.08 mm {0.002 to 0.0031鈥潁 (thickness of one sheet);combined, total thickness must be 0.2 mm {0.008鈥潁 or less
Reliability MCBF 900million lines
Auto Cutter 10million cuts
Emulation ESC/POS
Driver Win 2000/2003/XP/Vista/Win 7
Sensor Paper Near End Sensor/Paper End Sensor
Interface RS-232
Power Supply (Adapter) DC 24V, 2A
Auto cutter Type Sliding type
Life 10million cuts
Cutting Method Full /Partial cut
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